Our History

From roadside cafe to biker bar and B&B…

The Engine Inn has come a long way in its 30 years of operating – to think that it all started with a simple portakabin!

After a decade of working in the local school canteen she had grown tired of forcing vegetables down ungrateful children’s throats and decided to open her business to a group of people she new that she’d get along with. Lynn’s father had been a lorry driver and avid motorcyclist, she’d spent her childhood on the road and remembered the encounters with the odd characters of the highways fondly.

In 1988 Lynn Cawshaw sets up her roadside cafe from a simple portakabin and begins serving passing lorry drivers and families teas and coffees from Styrofoam cups.

By 1992 Lynn’s Cafe, as it was known then, has undergone a series of upgrades. The addition of outside seating and extended cooking area allows Lynn to serve All-Day Breakfasts which become a hit with the local biker community.

Lynn meetsĀ a biker looking to hang up his leathers, Roger Mayweather, in 1995. The pair marry and choose to further invest in the roadside property. After a year in development the Engine Inn opens its doors in 1997, serving Lynn’s famous All-Day Breakfasts, as well as accommodating a handful of overnight guests.

Lynn and Roger retire in 2008 and make way for the next generation of Mayweather’s to run and own the Engine Inn which is now a common fixture for a thriving community of bikers, holiday makers and travellers alike.

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