July’s News Update

It’s all go here at the Engine Inn!

The schools are due to be breaking up in a couple of weeks time and we’re making preparations for the Summer Holiday rush.

When Lynn first opened the Engine Inn, over thirty years ago, she didn’t have to worry about setting up a website or scheduling social media announcements. Lynn’s responsibilities didn’t extend beyond making sure her urn was full and that she had plenty of coffee and tea to keep her in business. Unfortunately for us we run a 21st century business that demands a little more than just picking up a big drum of instant and a crate of tea from the local wholesalers!

Lynn often laughs when she comes to visit us here. When she opened her roadside cafe in 1988 she had no other intentions than making a living and meeting some interesting people. There were three things that she didn’t quite bargain on though. One was herĀ excellent choice of location and the other was how quickly the UK’s biker community would get behind her little Portakabin. Thanks to the hard work our Lynn put in we now have a thriving community of regular customers who make us one of their regular stops on their summer road trips – which makes this time of year rather busy for us!

This month we introduce some ‘posh’ food to our Breakfast menu and we plan a few kitchen upgrades:

New ‘Posh’ Breakfasts on the Menu

For years our customers have been satisfied with our breakfast menu. After all, what more could hungry travellers want than a simple Full English? Over the years breakfast culture has changed and we’ve been surprised to find out that biker culture has changed with it! More and more long-distance lorry drivers and biker crews have been sheepishly asking for poached eggs instead of fried; tentatively inquiring about our Gluten-Free offerings and peering around for a ‘Specials’ board. We knew that that time had come to make a change.

Our chef Jax is proud to announce his new menu which includes, amongst other ‘posh’ menu items: ‘Eggs Benedict’, ‘Gluten-Free Breakfast Bun’ and ‘Vegan Brunch Hash‘. Jax has been chomping at the bit to create some new food and he’s very excited to be cooking something other than Full English Breakfasts. In light of this ‘Food Revolution’ we’ve also had the chance to take a look at updating our premises a little.

Kitchen upgrades incoming

Of course you can’t make such grand changes to a menu without making a few adaptations to your kitchen. Jax’s ‘studio’, as he likes to call it, has remained largely unchanged since Roger and Lynn left so understandably there are a few changes that need to be made. For years our chefs have put with what Mike would call ‘vintage gear’ which has served their purposes fine, however now that we’re changing our output and asking more of the kitchen it’s only fair that we give Jax a few more toys to play with.

In the next fortnight we’re going to be installing some new gear, as well as sending James out on the road to check out the competition.

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