Meet the Staff

Our staff are keen to welcome you to:-

James Mayweather

Always on hand with a smile and a brew, James is very much his Mother’s son. Having practically grown up in the Engine Inn; James is often mistaken for a patron with his grizzled beard and dark clothes. As much as he likes to get out on the road, his place is at the Engine Inn as the bar and kitchen manager, a position that he’s held for nearly a decade now!

Claudie Mayweather

Just like her Father-in-law before her Claudie is another biker that has been ensnared by the charms of a Mayweather, she only stopped in for a brekkie but she ended up leaving with a wedding ring!

Claudie manages the guest rooms and bookings, she loves to keep a clean home and is always on hand to help out with any questions you might have.

Jax Lopez

It might sound strange but we don’t think that anyone can cook an English Breakfast as well as this Spaniard!

He might have only been in the country for a couple of years but he’s clearly a fast learner as his All-Day Breakfast have been given the stamp of approval from Lynn herself.

Mike Simpson

Local boy Mike has been dropping by for cuppa for most of his childhood so we thought it was only fair for us to offer him a job when he left school. He’s here on the weekends to help out during the busy breakfast shifts and pops in during the evenings to clean as well.

Rachel Hunter

Our Rachel has been with us for 6 years now, she’s a consummate bed maker, an excellent cleaner and keen chef too; in short she’s extremely useful to have around!! You might find it hard to spot Rach as she’s always busy in the background getting something important done, just believe us – she’s definitely there.


Our beloved pooch is less of a guard dog and more of a daffy old thing. He loves kids and free sausages, but if you’re allergic to him please let us know so we can tuck him away for you.