North England: Biker Cafes & Pitstops

Way up North is a long way for us to travel – but it’s well worth the journey!

Anyone who’s spent time on a bike around the North of the England will be able to tell you how much fun the roads are to ride up here, but there’s also a wealth of great roadside pitstops that you should make a point of stopping off at if you get the chance.

Since the heyday of rock’n’rollers and bikers in the 50s there have always been plenty of roadside cafes offering weary travellers a chance to take a load off, strip off their leathers and grab a cup of coffee. The appeal of these cafes for many bikers is the isolated locations that they are situated in, as a result they usually offer wide open views, as well as relatively quiet roads to explore. Of course existing in such isolation usually creates a few challenges for the owner, which is why their outside┬áseating areas are so often made up of packing crates and left over timber.

If you’re heading out on a trip up North make these quality cafes a stop on your journey:

Orton Scar Cafe

Make sure you pack your warmest thermals when you head to Orton Scar Cafe as it’s usually a bit nippy all year round at this idyllic spot in Cumbria.

You’ll want to keep your engine noise to a minimum when driving through this pretty rural town as its peaceful charm is really that main reason for having a visit! The tea room here is biker friendly and serves a delicious array of tasty homemade cakes and teas.

The Filling Station Cafe

Built on the former site of a 1950s garage, the Filling Station Cafe used to be a car dealership at one point selling Hillman, Ommer and Singer cars, it has since been a petrol station as well as a newsagents.

The cafe as it is today opened in 2011 with the enthusiastic staff holding regular events for car enthusiasts as well as music concerts and bistro nights. Their menu includes an all-day breakfast, as well as a plethora of burgers and sandwiches.

Route 59 Cafe

One of the most celebrated roadside cafes in Yorkshire, the Route 59 Cafe has comfortable outside seating on a good long straight making it a great place to watch fellow bikers fly by.

Set just outside of the town of Skipton, this is a must visit destination for anyone passing through the area, plus you’re always bound to find other bikers to chat to. You’ll always be able buy a decent breakfast here and the coffees pretty decent too!

Squires Cafe Bar

Squires is one of the original biker bars, it opened its doors in 1954 and has been supported by a thriving biker scene ever since.

Over the years Squires has developed from a simple cafe into a thriving multi-purpose venue that serves as a regular meeting place for bikers from all over Yorkshire and beyond. Although the site of the Bar has changed over the years, Squires remains as popular as ever with hundreds of bikers making the journey there every year.

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