Upgrading the Inn

We look to upgrade the Inn…

The time has finally come for us to refurbish!

For the thirty years we’ve been open, we’ve always faced the question of whether or not to upgrade our existing premises. Many of our customers have informed us that a large part of our appeal is how ‘retro’ we feel, for that reason we’ve resisted updating our decor for fear of upsetting this fine balance that we seem to have struck by accident. As much as our roadside location does keep us isolated to a certain extent we can’t say that we’re completely immune to outside influences.

We’re well aware that our tomato-shaped ketchup dispensers are considered to be ‘kitsch’ by many and that our laminated menus are out-dated, but we believe that there are certain things about the Engine Inn that simply shouldn’t change.

There are however¬†a¬†handful of features here that we’ve noticed might be damaging the service we provide, so we’ve decided this month to set about making a few changes…

Bless him, our Jax never likes to complain about his kitchen although he has every right to. Everything in the kitchen from the toaster to the tiles on the walls has remained the same for the last two decades. We attribute our continued success not to the surprising longevity of this kitchen, but to the ingenuity of our young chef and his ability to adapt to a kitchen that has admittedly fallen into a state of disrepair.

We thought we’d give Jax free reign to pick what appliances he wanted in his kitchen so he’s spent the last few weeks with his head firmly jammed in catalogues umm-ing and aah-ing over potential dishwashers, sandwich grills and new hobs. In the mean time we’ve been busying ourselves fitting the kitchen out with the kind of modern infrastructure that will make it a much more pleasant place to work in.

In order to bring the Engine Inn up with modern standards we’ve fitted out the kitchen with brand new tiling and stainless steel kitchen work surfaces, this should make the space easier to clean and should make Jax feel like he’s cooking in the 21st Century, as opposed to a simulacrum of a 1980s canteen. We’ve also located a bargain price industrial extractor fan to improve the ventilation for our cooks, so hopefully we’ll be able to see them for the smoke during a busy breakfast shift!

Despite all of these changes we’re being careful not to disturb the fine balance that we’ve been able to hold onto for so long.

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